Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh Yet to Be Like Christ

Over the last few years, I’ve sensed a heart-felt pull to discover what it means to know God in such a way that it leads me to an ever deepening desire to be like Christ… by that I mean to be like Christ in full surrender and in freedom from the attachments to “be like God.”  This be-like-God mentality has been Satan’s pull into the worldly perspective since the fall, just as He had enticed Adam and Eve through false logic and reason, to pull away from God and to go it on their own.

To expand upon this theme, I’d like to start with a personal story about my life that I believe pertains.  My husband and I are in the empty nest stage of family relationship. Out of the emptiness with this loss of our children’s presence, we have added two new additions to our family in the form of toy poodles.  Clearly the addition of these sweet ones is a way of adding interest in our home and to fill a love spot for us until the grandbabies arrive. 

As we’ve been learning all the ins and outs of current trends in training our dogs, we’ve studied about their pack mentality.  Successful training from this viewpoint requires us, as owners, to become the “leaders of the pack,” or if you will, the Alpha dogs within our home.  In watching videos and reading current literature on this subject, I’ve begun to realize that there is a very deep draw within myself, which is very different from all the pulls over the years where I’ve desired to “do things on my own,” to follow my own visions and plans or to pursue my own ideas of what I believe my life should look like.  Rather, this draw is to truly live out life under the “Leader of our pack;” our Alpha Jesus Christ, under the authority of God the Father through the Holy Spirit.

The desire to do things on my own or for the sake of “my own kingdom” is, I believe, the “tragedy” that is referred to by Oswald Chambers in his book, The Place of Help.  Chambers states that, “not until we realize that there is something tragic at the basis of human life shall we recognize the love of God,” or I believe truly KNOW Him.  As I’ve looked at the “tragedy” of life for myself, my clients and the world at large, perhaps it isn’t so bad after all to follow a Leader that sets a vision for the good of all, has plans in place, disciplines and guides us in our roles, and walks with us on our journey of representing Him.  It is not the vision that I or those whom I serve might design; yet we have to remember that, like Christ, we do each have a God-given role.  

Though the priorities and plans He establishes as our Leader often differ from those that we envision, we do walk in good stead as we “imitate Christ” in surrender and abandonment to the One True God. He formed each one of us individually from the beginning.  He has the perfect fulfillment of all that we could ask or imagine according to His plans and work within us.  He knows our deepest hungers, thirsts and needs (and He knows little furry creatures will not fill them)! 

Lord, help us to turn away from our drives to act in your stead, to satisfy ourselves and our visions, and to essentially replace You as the Alpha and the leader of the pack.  Let us turn towards being image bearers of Yourself through being like your Son in full surrender to You and Your Glory!

Valerie Murphy, LCPC, SD, BCPCC
Foundation Counseling and Training

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