Monday, July 9, 2012

Introduction-May 2011

Happy summer!  June brings us to another issue of Soul & Spirit.  With each issue, as I read through the articles as they appear in my inbox, I am challenged and encouraged by the wisdom of our contributors.  Each writer seems to honestly wrestle with humanity and the implications of soul care as a Christian. 

In this issue, there are again a variety of topics, though the thread of suffering seems to run underneath most of them.  Shannon Wolf wrote about the normative experience of suffering in the Christian life, which is also the topic of Dana Wicker’s piece, where she describes a way to help others “cling to truth.”  Serena Woods encourages us to move beyond behavior modification to focusing upon our redeemer and becoming again like little children in the midst of suffering.  I share my reflections on loving those who are hard to love.  Andrew Michel looks at Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as an essential text for Christian psychology, identifying the themes that run through the story of Middle Earth and how they mirror human experience.  Jeff White shares pastoral wisdom in the dual roles of the church as an army and as a hospital.  The nature of change is the focus of Rick Sholette’s article, where he asks the question who is responsible for our change.  Finally, Warren Kinghorn shared his thoughts on malingering as a pelagian concept. 

I hope that the breadth and depth of the articles is refreshing, challenging, and encouraging.  As always, I am open to feedback or thoughts. 

Jason Kanz, Ph.D.
Marshfield Clinic

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