Monday, July 9, 2012

Around the Web-September 2011

Keith Ward on the Mind-Body problem:  As Christian psychologists, in the age of the brain, our interest in the mind-body problem is very real.  Neuroscience, particularly secular neuroscience, has largely adopted a physicalist perspective, intimately joining what happens in the brain with our concept of soul.  Brian Auten, at the blog Apologetics 315, provides a thorough review of the book More than Matter by Keith Ward, a philosopher, theologian and Anglican priest who has authored more than 30 books.  According to Auten, Ward provides a robust philosophic defense of dualism.  The discerning reader may be interested in looking more closely at this book.

Definitions of Biblical Counseling: The Biblical Counseling Coalition collected definitions of biblical counseling from several well known biblical counseling ministries.  Although limited to biblical counselors, these assembled quotes try to flesh out what the field is about from those involved. 

Thomas Brooks on Silence: Tyler Horton has been blogging through his reading of Thomas Brooks’ works.  He wrote recently about Brooks’ view of silence (there are apparently 12 considerations) and how that fits in our distracted, 21st century culture.  He asks whether we find it more difficult to focus now than we could perhaps 10 years ago, raising concerns about the distracting nature of our culture. 

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