Monday, July 9, 2012

Intro letter-July 2011

Reviewing each of the submissions for Soul & Spirit has broadened my intellectual horizons.  For each issue, we are treated to a wide variety of articles submitted by the authors.  The pages of my dictionary are slightly more frayed as my vocabulary expands by reading the authors and having to look up chosen words.  The articles also allow me to conceptually stretch as I think about topics that I have not previously considered, particularly as I have been able to see the implications of those concepts in real life. 

In the present issue, there is again satisfying variety.  On the historical end, Michael Haykin introduces us to Marcius, one of the early church fathers with additional articles to come in the series.  Dennis Morgan discusses John Calvin’s book, Psychopannia and how it relates to the importance of personhood in the therapeutic encounter.   On the more practical end, Fernando Garzon discusses the popular therapeutic concept of mindfulness, suggesting a distinctly Christian alternative.  Phil Monroe writes about how Christian psychologists might respond to trauma, with particular attention to a multicultural context.  Plus, Rick Sholette describes how we might respond to difficult sessions with our clients.  Additionally, Keith Whitfield discusses the concept of goodness as a useful Christian concept to explore.  Finally, Jim Cofield and I each provide book reviews of sorts. 

As we are past summer’s midpoint (at least for those on an academic calendar), I pray that you are all faring well.  I hope that these short articles will challenge your thinking and help you to develop more deeply as a Christian psychologist.

Grace and peace,

Jason Kanz, PhD, ABPP
Marshfield Clinic

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